That not totally lazy day

This day started as the laziest in a long time; outside it was raining and the bed was so comfy… anyway the finnish language course was waiting, so I managed to get some energy to go out under the rain, which was good because the class was really nice: for the first time in months I felt involved in something I like, I love learning and today I was facing an actual challenge. After the lecture I was going home smiling and almost jumping, thinking random words in finnish and trying to make phrases like “my teacher likes me because I’m Italian and she loves Italy!”
I think I haven’t felt this excited even during my whole bachelor studies period, or maybe I already forgot it all. Good that my friends are still with me though: I had a long and happy skype call with them and I can’t wait to have another one! We’ve been talking about daily stuff but still I can see how exciting our lives are and how good it feels to share the new experiences with each other.
It probably doesn’t sound interesting at all, but I still feel it’s been a positive day; I think there’s nothing better than facing new challenges with the right spirit, knowing that your friends love spending time with you even when you’re far away.


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