Relaxing days

In these last days I’ve been relaxing most of the time. My boyfriend came to visit me and we passed a wonderful time together, cooking and watching Jamie Oliver’s programs. The hosting family even gave me a free day to pass with him, that was so nice because I had a fantastic time. The things we cooked were absolutely delicious, we made hasselback chicken from the Facebook channel Tasty, some garlic dip that I loved, and of course a home-made fish and chips. It was great and I enjoyed so much his company.


We also watched Zoolander (2001), which I loved. I realised it’s such an old movie, and it made me remember this part of my life when phones were meant to be soooo little and when people were dressing up in such a weird way… It gave me the feeling of how time and cultures and all the things are changing without people realising. I will probably watch the Zoolander 2 that is coming out in fifteen years from now, just to get the same feeling I had with the first 😀


I also started reading a new book, and I really want to keep going even if I just watched a video of a youtuber and.. what a spoiler (I’m pretty pissed off, EmmaBlackery); she didn’t even put a spoiler alert and I really didn’t search for it since the video was about the right pronunciation of the word “latte” -.-” don’t ask me why I was watching that video, I don’t know it either.

Today I went out for a walk, it’s my free day and I want to use it in a profitable way, breathing fresh and clean air, taking pics of the landscape and reading some more. I even saw some ducks eating in the snow, I wonder how they can survive the cold.


Come on, how nice is it?
See you next time 😀


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