Tilli is the answer

I just made my first finnish fish soup, or kalakeitto ❤ I ate it for the first time in a trip to the archipelago near the city of Vaasa during my exchange and thought I really liked it. After that day, everytime I smell dill in any shop or house I think about that fish soup and I miss those beautiful moments I passed in the archipelago forest with the other exchange students. But now I finally decided to make my own!
Here's the recipe (a general one):

You put some veggies in a pot of boiling water (I used whatever I had in the freezer, cauliflowers, broccoli, carrots, onion, potatoes..), you add a vegetable stock cube (you won't need to add salt with this), and when everything is almost cooked you can add the fish (usually it's salmon and normal fish both) on a low heat; after that's also cooked you can put some pepper, dill, the cream and that's it! I will tell you, the dill is the secret for this fish soup; you can take away the fish, but you can't take away the finnish "tilli" because that's the answer to every question in life. 


This picture doesn’t show enough of how good it was; now that I know how simple it is I will definitely make it again. This is even a wonderful way to add veggies in your diet, and everyone knows how healthy it is to eat fish, so.. mission accomplished!

See you next time!


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