Kitchen disasters, books and sunrays

I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen in these days. I tried to make dorayaki, crêpes, makaroni veg casserole, and I can say they were all acceptable but not as good as I planned. The real discovery for life is this amazing recipe based on chickpeas and eggplants. It’s supposed to be a soup, I tried to do it as best as I could and it turned out amazingly tasty and delicious. It’s arab and it’s vegan, I think everyone should give it a try. You just have to put in a pan plenty of onion and garlic with oil, the eggplants cut in little cubes and chickpeas, paprika and spicy pepper, tomato sauce, then you mix it until it’s all cooked, basically. Add that spicy pepper, it won’t hurt, I tell you.


About the other recipes, they looked better than they tasted, especially the crêpes because they got these geometrical shapes while cooking and they made me feel so in love with the world and particles and all those scientific things that look perfect.. yeah I’m probably over reacting now, but really I’m so in love with science stuff at the moment, I started to watch documentaries about the universe and now I’m reading Stephen Hawking’s “The Theory of Everything” which is fortunately kind of simple to read. I like it but I can’t help to stop after every page thinking about the implications of the theories and making up absurd ideas of how things are and what could happen if, for example, a gigantic sunray would come out of the sun (go read the problem down and help me please because it’s making me mad).

I think I needed this kind of book after reading John Green’s “The fault in our stars”, I cried so much that I couldn’t even read properly. On the last 20% of the book I couldn’t read at all.
This is a little part that I liked, don’t read it if you don’t know the story already because it’s a bit of a spoiler.


I’m also trying to be fit and healthier, walking some more and making exercise in the mornings, so that I don’t feel like dying everytime I use the stairs.


The light that comes from the sun takes 8 minutes to cover the distance sun-earth. When we see the sun, we are seeing it as it was 8 minutes ago.
IF a gigantic sunray would come out of the sun towards us to destroy the earth, it would take 8 minutes for us to see it leaving the sun, and it would take 8 minutes for the ray to cover the distance and destroy us, so we would see it leaving the sun at the same moment it destroys us. Is that possible or what am I missing? Thanks for the help.


See you next time 🙂


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