Hello everyone! These days have been so busy with the kids and I think I got an idea of what “job burnout” means (sorry university classes, I underestimated you so much), I felt like having more than all the symptoms; so today, when I woke up after the most terrible nightmare of my life that left me literally devastated, I asked for a free day to my hosting family to gain the energies back and fortunately they organised the day without me, which gave me some hours to relax and take care of myself.

First thing I decided to do: sleep a little more. It’s a concession I always got for granted, but let me tell you this, sleeping from a certain  moment in your life will not be granted anymore: SLEEP NOW.

Second thing: I cooked a proper lunch that included spinach, chicken and oven-made crispy bread pieces, I swear it was good and made me feel a little better.

Third thing: I went out to have a walk, with my backpack and the kindle inside it. I went to the little park and the first thing I saw was a squirrel; last time I saw one was last August, when I and my boyfriend were at the cottage in the lakeland. This one was so near and it even crossed my path running in the deep snow without falling inside it, being so light and fast; I enjoyed the moment and followed with the eyes its trip in the park, climbing from one tree to another, until it was behind a little snow hill. I then took a picture of the footprints, and continued my own trip.



I was looking for other footprints (those people passing probably thought I’m a weirdo) and actually found some strange ones. Take a look.


They were kinda big, but I have no idea what could have made them.

Then I found a bench to sit and read, it wasn’t much, but it was enough to breath fresh air and get some sun (on my face, because the rest was totally covered), I continued walking and found some unexpected statues. I will let the pics talk for me now.



They are ice statues!!! How wonderful! There was a competition some days ago even with people from other countries. I will definitely walk down on that path everytime I can, I hope it’s soon.
Then I went to the library and to the grocery store, I wanted to buy some vegetables but I ended up buying pizza (I’m starting to miss my Italian tasty and beautiful real pizza, but these cheap ones will do) and two kilos of apples, and I don’t even like apples.

Now I’m back home, and it took quite a lot to write this! Let’s see how this day will end…

See you next time!


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