God I haven’t written in a long time! It’s time to put something interesting, so I will tell you my favourites of the last month.

Sports and Health:

I found a youtube channel that I’m now using to make some exercise, and it’s wonderful! It’s called REFITREV, there’s plenty of different and simple dances to get fit and have fun. I’m building my own playlist of songs I like and now I’m able to walk upstairs without dying.


Books and Music:

I’m still at the half of “The Theory of Everything”, because I didn’t read in the last period, I preferred listening to some music (Stromae and Nightwish are still on my top list) and chill around a little more, but today I started again and I hope I’ll finish it soon. Any recommendations about what I should read next?



I have to say I went crazy on Instagram, uploading some nice pictures I took during my walks here or some old ones I found in my phone. If you have Instagram of course take a look at my pics and let me know if you like them!!!
My profile is eleonoramatrella


My TV favourites at the moment are the documentary I’m watching on Netflix, it’s called COSMOS and it’s totally entertaining, it feels like I’m back in high school, I know I studied most of the things but it’s nice to remember them and refresh the knowledge.


Another thing is the Italian docu-soap about intercultural couples in Italy, it’s called “I colori dell’amore” (the colours of love) I like to watch the stories of other people that live similar situations as I do, having a finnish boyfriend, and there is even a finnish-italian couple in the show, so I just love it. I kinda know that couple, I remember that when I was in exchange in Vaasa I’ve sent a pack full of finnish chocolate and candies to them, because she wanted to surprise him ❤ so much love in the air ❤

Well I guess it's enough for today! Let me know what are your favourite things of this period with a comment, I'm not going to eat anyone (but I'm going to prepare and eat a finnish mustikkapiirakka as soon as I finish working today <3)
See you next time!


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