It has been couple of weeks without writing! Time to update with plenty of amazing memories.

First of all, my finnish language is growing better, and the weirdest experience I had in the last period during the language course is that I’ve been able to communicate with a Thai girl (I thought she was in her twenties until she showed me the pics of her daughter saying she’s 41 years old) in finnish, because she doesn’t speak English at all. I mean how wonderful is that?!

I also made a research on the mustikkapiirakka and needed to make a presentation about it in the class; guess what, I also brought it to my classmates so they could try it.


Last night I even dreamt I made another one, but there was so little amount of blueberries that it seemed so poor and sad! Good it was just a dream.

Going on with the good memories to couple of days ago, I prepared pizza for the hosting family, and it was SO GOOD I’m definitely going to do it again. Actually I’m going to buy the ingredients now to make it tonight.
Guess where I am at the moment??? I will tell in the next post!

See you soon!


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