Yes, I’ve been in the Lapland for the second time in my life! I took a full week of vacation from the aupair life and went with my boyfriend and his parents in a ski resort near Kuusamo, in the finnish Lapland; it was one of the best holidays I’ve ever had. Here I will write all I can remember, because I want these memories to last forever and ever.

First day.


I tried to ski in the beginners slope, where so many babies of all ages, but also some grown ups, were learning how to ski. I went up on the baby lift and reached the top of the little slope; at the beginning when I felt I was slipping away I stopped moving and shouted to my boyfriend that I didn’t want to do it, that I wanted to go away from there and never come back; guess what, the only way out of the slope was skiing it all the way down. I did, but not knowing how to brake I decided to fall in order to stop myself from killing people, and that was the very first time I skied. It didn’t even hurt at all when I fell, so obviously I decided to go and do it again.
During the day I learnt how to brake and it all went smoothly, I was a happy little girl discovering something new and telling my boyfriend “Again, again! I wanna go play again!”, until he told me to try another slope, one that had a different and more difficult kind of lift, and as you probably can imagine, I fell right away and hurted a little bit my legs, and stayed down on the snow until the very impolite guy of the lift helped me stand up. At that point I promised myself I wouldn’t have any relation with lifts ever again in my life.

Second day.


Of course I couldn’t remain on the babies’ slope for a whole week, especially after improving so much in such a short time, since I was able to brake enough and also started to turn a little, so my boyfriend brought me to a slope where I could learn how to turn better and (as he said) if I wouldn’t want to use the lift I could walk back. After going down on this blue level slope, surprise! There’s no way to go back up or anywhere else if not with the lift (yes, I still trust and love my boy even after this ‘mistake’ he made); I was very angry at him and it took a pretty long time to fight that huge fear of lifts I developed after falling, my boyfriend and his dad had quite a hard time trying to convince me, and after long and intense minutes they said they would call the mom so she would come pick us with the car and bring us back. Now something you can totally say about me is that I’m extremely proud, I wouldn’t let something so embarrassing happen even if I needed to go on that horrible-looking devil-made machine. I did it in terror but with my love at my side that never stopped encouraging me and being present, and after that I did that slope again and again, until they metaphorically had to bring me away from it. That’s still my favourite slope, and it’s also the last I skied before going away.

I will write about the next days later on!

See you next time!


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