Today I’ll talk about how my Lapland trip continued.

Third day.


On the third day we decided to continue on the nice slope near the hotel, and we went to eat an enormous and fantastic lunch in a reggae styled bar/restaurant. I took this traditional dish called pyttipannu; what can I say? I just loved it. It’s a mixture of all the things that I like, starting from potatoes and onions and going on with all kinds of meat and an egg: who would ask for more?
The skiing day was kinda lazy because my muscles started to hurt right away (maybe that slope was not the best one to start with?), so we decided to rest a little more in the afternoon and go around to have a look at the shops in the village. Some of them were totally not affordable, there was way too expensive stuff; the shop I liked most was selling souvenirs and traditional Lapland-related items that looked (or smelled) fantastic. I said smell because there was the possibility to smell some peculiar packs of tea, I think the brand was Mandragora, the scents were so so good I wanted to buy it but in the end I didn’t, my attention was caught by something else (guess what it is??? I will tell in the next post :3).
Then we went home to have a sauna and relax and get ready for another amazing dinner <3.

Fourth day.


In the morning I and my boy went to buy the ingredients to make a pizza for dinner, then we prepared the dough in the way that it could rest and grow during the whole skiing day.
My muscles worked very nicely, the relax of the day before was useful, and I could enjoy and exercise the turning a little more. This time I went to the new kind of lift with my boyfriend and his parents and went all the way down to the bigger slopes without taking the bus (that we were taking every day because I was not able to go on those bigger slopes before). It was so scary that I was screaming so much while going down and almost crying but I just kept going on without falling, until at the end I stopped and felt like fainting. I didn’t faint, but slowly started skiing again and going also on the other kinds of lifts. It has been hard and scary, but at the same time full of adrenalin and funny. This is the image of one of those difficult slopes I did with the help of my boy and his dad.


For dinner we prepared the pizza, I will say it’s not the best I’ve ever eaten but it was good! And also my boyfriend’s parents liked it a lot! I’m so proud of us, we have been two perfect chefs during the preparation ❤ I can't wait to do it again, and next time more margherita and more rucola-cherry tomatoes for me, because they were sooo good.


I will end this post here, but will write another about this trip in the next days.

See you next time 🙂


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