Let’s continue with the last part of the amazing trip I had.

Fifth day.


The end of the holiday was approaching, but we didn’t fall in depression and tried to enjoy every minute as much as we could. The food we ate during the week was delicious and the restaurants were all lovely and so different from each other. I ate reindeer and other typical foods and also plenty of sweet things. I feel in love with a passion fruit based cocktail that was the best I’ve ever had in my life, so sweet, fruity and fresh… The pictures I took of the plates aren’t good enough to show because the restaurants had a cosy atmosphere and candle lights, not bright enough for phone cameras.
We skied also and I improved and started to feel so much more confident that I hope we will be able to go again together. I took some videos of my boyfriend while he was skiing the deepest slopes in there, he’s so good that it’s fascinating to see him doing it;  for a moment I thought he fell and my heartbeat stopped but in reality nothing happened so, everything alright! We stopped at the bar/terrace to have a drink with his parents and then we had sauna like everyday before. I really enjoyed the possibility of having sauna every day and relax so much, it feels so nice to have your own time in a warm place when outside is cold and windy (actually the weather was really warm in some days, with the sun shining and +8° at some moments).
In the afternoon we went in the souvenirs shop and we finally bought what I planned to buy since the first day, the cutest thing possible.


IT’S BEAR HATS! This pic shows all the goals in a relationship, I truly think we are the perfect couple, wouldn’t you say the same?!

Sixth day.

So the days passed and we arrived to the last day before departure. We decided to go on the nearby slope and I tried to enjoy it as much as I could, going down as fast as possible and that was such a liberating sensation, I felt like Harry Potter the first time he played Quidditch 😀
Then we changed the shoes and went to the renting place to give them back, it didn’t feel good, but it didn’t feel bad either. It was just time and I didn’t think it as a farewell, but as a “see you as soon as possible”. Eventually someone will see me on those slopes again, while I’m smiling, enjoying and thinking “I’m batman!”


Some thoughts.
It felt like I needed and deserved a relaxing time with the people I love. What I didn’t know is that I would have such a beautiful and positive experience. Everyone should do new things like these all the time, discover new passions and sharing them with the loved ones, but I know unfortunately not everyone is as lucky as I am. But I also know that it’s so much more simple to stay in the comfort zone and say that life doesn’t give you the opportunity to open that door and experience new things. This is what I understood, sometimes we are our worst enemies, and we are also very good at pretending that the enemy is something else. We fool ourselves most of the times with stories that we create on our own. I guess what I’m trying to do in my life at the moment is just stop fooling myself.

See you next time!


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