When I came back from the lapland the snow was gone. I couldn’t find trace of it, like if it never came. The lake was not frozen anymore, and the sun has been shining more often. I started working and the days now are warmer, still cold after all, but a cold that I can bear.


I went out for a walk, and the places look so different now. I saw things that I didn’t notice before because they were covered with snow and ice; so it seems spring came here also, in its own way. There’s still some ice here and there, resisting and fighting back. It’s a spectacular act of nature. While walking near the lake I stopped and looked at a curious piece of ice floating on the water, it was divided in tiny pieces that floated themselves, moved by the calm waves. They touched each other softly, but enough to make a gentle sound, the music of nature. I stopped and seated, to be a spectator of the magical show that was going on.


The seagulls are back, I can see them flying around the town and quite often hear their singing during the day, but in the evening, when everything else goes totally silent, that’s the sound that rules in the little town.

See you next time!


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