April 25th.

I’m on the bus that goes from Turku to Helsinki, so it’s the right moment to write about some news. I passed this weekend with my boyfriend, we passed so much time in Turku and had fun together, ate plenty of good things and also drank a little.


Heinola is pretty lonely and little so I must say it felt nice to stay in the city and see someone else: on Saturday we passed the night at the place of my boyfriend’s friend and they both are really funny guys so I had a very good time with them, and I can say I understood how much I need to meet other people and have fun. Which leads me to the next argument: I will soon finally have a normal social life again, incredible isn’t it? I’ve been accepted as an international master’s degree student at the university of Vaasa and I will start at the end of August; I can’t wait for it! I still can’t believe it actually, this means I will study two years in the university where I passed my erasmus period *.* it’s gonna be LEGENDARY.


One of my Italian friends also gave me good news, she will go on Erasmus in Barcelona next year, I’m so excited for her! Maybe she will understand how I feel about my exchange and how it changed my life and vision of everything! I think the exchange is an addicting experience, once you do it it’s difficult to stop doing it and go back to “normal life”. I hope what happened to me will happen to her also: once you live in another country and have a full immersion in new cultures, new people, new way to solve problems, you will never want to stop living abroad; it’s an amazing feeling, and the fact that I applied to the master’s degree shows how much I want to continue on this road, never stop making new experiences, never stop pushing your limits and run out of your comfort zone before it’s too late, though someone once said “it’s never too late”.

See you next time, probably soon because I’m not done writing 🙂


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