April Favourites

Here I am! As I said it wouldn’t be a long time before I wrote again, because these last days I felt inspired and quite motivated, so I’m gonna write something about this months favourites: since I was at the middle school at the end of every month I would write on my school diary the events or things that I’d discovered, , and this habit never changed in all this time. In that period I usually wrote about songs or bands that I had discovered, since I was into music so much, so let’s start with this field:


so high

With this song I had a thing that I would call “throwback obsession”: after being in Turku for couple of days in the weekend I started listening to it even if it’s not new at all, it has been though one of the very first obsession-songs I had. It’s from an italian band, thing that I didn’t know until last year, when I also discovered that finnish people know it very well. It has been a summer hit in 1999, wow I was so young back then!

This song is newer, and it’s the first new song I like in months: I don’t know if I’m searching in the wrong places, but I can’t find any good songs! So if anyone has some good new hits link it to me here or somewhere! I would appreciate so much ❤


the year of the hare

I’ve read only one book this month, I’m planning to read some more in the future anyway. The Year of the Hare by Arto Paasilinna was a nice, entertaining and funny book, it was a good choice because I wanted to read something set in Finland and that would let me immerse (even more than I actually do) in the stunning finnish nature and culture, and this book had everything I needed, with the exact dose of humour and adventure. I’ve read it in couple of days, I can say it’s a fast and enjoyable read.


Let’s go fast on this, because there’s not so much to say but that Goodreads and LinkedIn win this month, I spent some time to put my infos in there and I think I will make a good use of both of them.



I started watching a new series, it’s called How to Get Away with Murder. At the moment I think I’m at half of the first season, it’s so good! The way the plot runs and slowly shows itself is really nice, the creators have done an amazing job on it; there’s many plot twists, and the amount of thriller that I needed when I decided to pick it. I can’t wait to see how it ends and how they continued the second season, but anyway I would recommend it to anyone.

I think I’m done here for today, I’m tired and ready to go to sleep. I would be happy to know your favourites, write them on a comment if you want! 🙂

So high, so high

See you soon ❤



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