Cruise ship and Stockholm

May, 13th
It’s time to update the memories in here, because so many things happened and I was never able or willing to stop and write them down.

I went to Turku to see my boyfriend again on the 4th of May, and on Thursday the 5th we managed to go on a cruise trip from Helsinki to Stockholm! I’m so happy about it because we were planning to go on a cruise this summer but it felt like there was no time to organise one because I’m going back in Italy for the holidays and when I’ll come back in Finland it will be just in time to drive to Vaasa and start the master: I’m already so excited and worried at the same time, it seems I’m still not used to the idea of studying in Vaasa, even if I did an exchange there! So we decided to book the trip one week before it xD and to go in the same days as his parents.


In Stockholm I had so much fun, the sun was shining and the day was warm and a little windy, which was the perfect mix for my white skin: I got sunburned. In May, in Sweden? Yes. What about the finns that you were with? They got a really nice tan. Unbelievable.


We decided to walk from the ship to the city and visited an open-air museum, Skansen, which was wonderful! We saw so many different kinds of animals and nice buildings (I want to have a wooden house and places for the horses and all the other animals and I wanna be a knight.) I wanted to stay so much more and visit more of the city and all those museums around but the Skansen alone took so much time to enjoy and discover.. so we went back to the ship very happy and also exhausted because of the long walk.


I’m so excited because summer is coming! It’s so warm and it’s actually weird because usually it’s not this hot in this period but after so much cold I will just enjoy it 😀

When we went back to turku I stayed couple of days more with my boyfriend and we finished watching the first season of How to Get Away with Murder :O it was amaaaazing! And we also had time to watch the second and third episodes of Game of Thrones together.


In these last days I stayed with the kids and exercised a little more, walked around during the sunny days and took plenty of pics of the beautiful landscape. I’ve been also watching the ice hockey games of finland, while playing Lego with the kids. This was the result.


Not bad at all.
In the next post I will put the last pictures taken in my inspiring and healthy walking trips, so stay tuned!

See you soon!


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