Hey! I haven’t written in more than a month now, I found other ways to entertain myself and there hasn’t been so many interesting experiences to share in the last period.

These are my last days as an au pair in Heinola, I think the experience was positive but it has been also quite lonely because that’s what happens when the city is little and you’re terribly introvert, things don’t happen by themselves.

This last period has also been quite hot, even too much, and sometimes this weather made me think about the winter that will come, bringing the cold, the snow, the dark days… about this, I realised I’m not a huge fan of the 24 hours sunlight: seeing the light at night is very nice but it also doesn’t make me sleep properly. Anyway living here in Finland is quite beautiful and inspiring.

I also didn’t take many pictures in the last month, I spent my time mostly starting new TV series and babysitting the babies. During June I received the email from my tutor in Vaasa, and I started to be so eager to start the master’s degree experience and meet new people, that I’m already doing my best to connect with the students that will start studying in Vaasa with me in August! I don’t know what to expect from this year because as I said I’m quite shy and introvert, but I realised that in my case using Facebook makes it easier to approach new people and eventually find new friends, so I guess I’m sticking with this plan. I really don’t know how people can just meet each other and become friends, I have a huge social anxiety and in all my life I usually preferred selecting just a few good friends and avoiding anyone else around me; this has worked for so long, but I feel it’s time to open my horizons also on this side of my life and see if I can do something that I never did before: have a “normal” social life. What about you? If you managed to read until here, write in a comment how you feel when you meet new people, and if you have any ideas that I could use to put off my anxiety 🙂

Can’t wait to finally start my summer and get ready for a new whole amazing adventure!!! Stay tuned!


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