Yesterday I and my boyfriend took possession of our new apartment in Vaasa. We went to see it together and I had such a good impression, because I really didn’t think it could look that big.

We went then to Sweet Vaasa to have a lunch salad and at the beginning I couldn’t decide which one to try because all of them looked interesting, but in the end I opted for a Greek salad that was very good.


It was very tasty and quite rich, with sun-dried tomatoes, cheese, olives and other fresh ingredients. Also the dressing was very good, I fell totally in love with the feeling of eating something so fresh, healthy and tummy-filling ;D


This is my boyfriend’s salad, we really liked the crispy bacon crumbs in it, we are quite big lovers of crispy bacon and we both didn’t really expect to find it so well made in that salad. Good job, Sweet Vaasa, you conquered our hearts.

But it’s not finished, we decided to go back there this morning to have a breakfast because the place is well known for its cheesecakes. Both the slices we tried were good, but I expected them to be less sweet and more tasty; I’m not saying it was bad but I’m not a huge fan of very sweet flavours, I’m a huge fan of cheesecakes though, so I will give it another try during the next months in Vaasa.


Can’t wait to try the other salads they have, the Vegan and the Veggie Monster are the ones that inspire me the most. Good news is that the local is quite near my new apartment! I think I will pass some quality time there, and I literally can’t wait for it!

See you soon 😉


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