Back to Vaasa and back to writing

Here I am, six months after the last post was published.

I had a busy time but I’m not saying I couldn’t write anything because of it, of course I would have found time to write about what was happening, but I did not feel inspired and looking back at that period I see I also didn’t have such a good time, and that’s why I didn’t feel inspired.

But yesterday I had one of the most interesting and satisfying lectures of my life, it was a lecture about English Literature in the Renaissance and I remembered so much of what I learnt when I was young that I was able to answer to all the questions the professor was asking to the class (which probably made me look like a know-it-all, Hermione Granger style). Some of the questions were quite simple, but some of them I don’t know how I was able to answer, they were quite hard in my opinion, but I still was totally on top of my game and that gave such a good feeling of “being back” in some way, being back at doing what I’m good at and satisfies me so much.

So, now that the lectures started there will be some movement in the city, parties and events to organize in the ESN Vaasa (I have been elected vice-president, by the way, which is also something that keeps me busy in a good way), even if in the Spring semester there’s not as many exchange students as in the autumn, but still I’m very eager and ready for the challenges of this semester.

On the side of finding friends, which is the other thing I’m really good at (not actually), I had some troubles in the past semester, I interacted with the people but I still find it hard to find good friends, being as introvert as I am; but I can say I found someone that I care about, and that happened pretty much in the only setting in which I didn’t try to make friends, it was quite unexpected and surprising to me; maybe I’m trying too hard to make friends and I should just let things happen? No, seriously, I’m not the kind of person that lets things happen, I always have a detailed (and perfect) plan for everything… but I guess I should let go a little and just let people in more easily then trying to plan. Relationships are unfortunately in that list of things that no one can plot on, at least no one that is mentally balanced and means good to people, which is a good portrait of me (again, not precisely, because in my mind I’m a Slytherin Deatheater that works for Voldemort, who in my mind is still alive).

Anyway, this was just a description of what happened and why I’m back, I’ll put more interesting facts and pictures in the future posts, now I have to go and clean the house, which is probably the real reason why I started writing again, because I would do anything but cleaning the house at the moment, anything.

What about you, what did you do in the last six months?

See you in the next post!



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