How (not) to take amazing pictures

Here we are!

During these first two weeks I did not have many lectures, but all of them were very interesting. I felt engaged, ready to say what I think, not too worried about what the others would think, which was a good investment since most of the time the professor said he agreed with me and another student told me I had “very good points” in my arguments.

It was kinda nice to see known faces and tendencially be myself in such a crowded place (I don’t mean to brag, but there was probably up to 30 people in that class, quite an achievement indeed). I was also very sick, this influence I got is so awful and long lasting.

I realised from the astounding pictures that people take and post on the social networks that the best time to take a snap of finnish sky and surroundings is at dawn. Now, I’m not an early bird, even considering that the sun here rises at around 9 am, that doesn’t mean I’m going to wake up that early just to take nice pictures for my blog, so this post won’t show any pictures. It’s not like dawn is the best occasion, follow me on this: dawn is the only occasion to get a picture of fire in the sky, amazing colours, astonishing atmosphere; the rest of the day will be plain, pale, white-ish, mostly grey and will make you ask for mercy, and also it will make you wonder why did you decided to live in Finland.

I don’t know how can people  catch so beautiful moments with their cameras while I miss them all. Then I analyse my situation a bit and I agree that:

  1. I don’t go outside unless it’s strictly necessary (lectures and food)
  2. I like to sleep
  3. I live in the city center, which is a disasvantage when you wanna be in contact with the nature and basically when you wanna see the sky.

You should take into consideration these factors if you want to fill up your Instagram and get tons of likes. I just gave you some hints on how (not) to take amazing pictures in Finland, you should be thankful!

See you next time.


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